General Cleaning

General and Mold Cleaning Services in South Florida

Cleaning after construction, flood, or demolition can not only be a hassle, but it can be hazardous. Along with eliminating and sanitizing homes and businesses from harmful mold based on industry standards and regulations, we offer a few cleaning services. These include post-construction cleanup, water damage solutions, and a.c. duct cleaning. If you need general cleaning for a project, contact us today so that we may assess the job at hand and come up with an estimated quote for our cleanup services.

Post-Demolition Cleaning

Before construction can begin on a new project, old and outdated aspects of the building are demolished and thrown out. And, while you may think you’re ready for construction, many crews won’t operate unless the demolished area is clean. Don't want to deal with scheduling setbacks and extra cleaning fees? Get your construction area ready for install in a few hours with general cleaning services. If you’ve already completed demolition to begin a new project and you need cleaning before a construction crew arrives, A Plus Mold Remediation Inc. can provide professional cleaning services that help to prepare your project for the next phase!mold cleanup

Post-Construction Cleaning

New home and industrial projects can be exciting, but before you can take advantage of your new project, you’ll need to clear the dust and debris that construction left behind. After a construction project, the dust produced doesn’t magically disappear. Instead, it will start to settle on all the surfaces of the establishment. And, it can even be sucked into central A.C. units to then be circulated throughout the building.

Since construction dust contains harmful elements, if left uncleaned after a construction project to circulate throughout the air, it can lead to a number of health issues. Post-construction cleaning allows you the peace of mind knowing that your home or place of work is clean and ready to be taken advantage of. Don’t spend days cleaning up the dust that settles after your construction project. Invest in a professional clean-up crew to leave your home or place of work clean and ready to go post-construction!

General Cleaning Services

Have another cleanup project you need that doesn’t involve construction or demolition? Our general cleanup services are fit for a number of scenarios. To see if the cleaning project is a fit for our general cleanup services, simply give us a call. And, describe the situation you're experiencing to us. This will help us accurately determine whether we have the equipment or means for the job at hand. Give us a call today for an estimated quote on our general cleaning services!

Mold Cleaning and Water Damage Repair

Finding water damage in your home or business is never good news. However, there are methods that can salvage areas damaged by water in your home or business establishment. If you’ve experienced a flood, leak, or any other water damage, we can help to provide expert water damage solutions. This will save your home or building from complete overhauls and expensive replacements. If you're in South Florida and need professional help, give us a call today for a water damage specialist referral!

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