The Dangers of Mold: Home or Business Structural Damage


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While many may be aware of some of the health dangers of mold, most people aren’t aware that mold can actually be dangerous to non-living things too. Namely, the structure and integrity of a home or business. But, what can someone do to prevent mold from damaging a building? Find out more about how mold can lead to structural damage and what you can do to prevent mold from developing and address it as soon as possible to avert this potential mold threat.

What’s Mold and What Causes It?

Mold is a fungus that grows by spreading minuscule spores. It’s a naturally occurring substance that can grow on essentially any organic material. It uses organic material as food and requires substance and moisture to thrive. Mold is a fungus that has thousands of different species. So, not all molds are harmful to human health. However, it’s important to identify molds that are growing within our homes or businesses, regardless of whether or not they are toxic. This is because some types of mold can lead to other issues, including structural damage.

Identifying Structural Damage Caused by Mold

Since mold can live on and spread as long as it has organic material, mold can cause lots of damage to property. Once mold takes hold, as long as it has moisture, it will start to spread. Mold can grow on wood, carpet, drapes, furniture, clothing, and many other materials which make up a home. This can even include structural components like framing and foundation. So, if you notice growing in and around structural components of your home, this may be putting the structural integrity of your home at risk.

Catching Mold Growth Early to Avoid Complications

The good news is that most homeowners find and address mold issues before it becomes a larger issue, like destroying the structural components of a home. If mold is caught quickly before it advances and expands, mold can be remediated before too much damage has taken effect. However, it is possible to have a mold issue that’s more advanced than you may think. This is because mold can seep into carpet and walls, destroying components of your home you don’t see every day. So, this is why if you do see mold, you address the issue right away with the help of a professional to ensure you’re adequately addressing all the mold living in your home.

Other Dangers of Mold Found in Homes

While mold can expand and the structure of your home, it also poses other threats. For example, toxic mold, like black mold, can lead to respiratory issues in humans and pets. These issues can lead to lifelong and even fatal diseases.

Mold growing in a home can also negatively affect the air quality. Breathing in mold spores can lead to breathing problems, especially for the elderly, infants, or anyone with underlying health issues.

So, not only does mold cause structural damage to homes and businesses, it can lead to damaging health issues. This makes it even more important to address mold once it’s identified and contact professionals to remediate the issue immediately.