The Difference Between Mold Removal and Mold Remediation Services


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Many companies that claim they’ll ride your home or business of mold say they’ll remove your mold for good. But, there’s actually a difference between mold removal and successful mold remediation services. So, what’s the difference, and how does one distinguish between a company that will remove mold from the naked eye or remediate the condition of mold in your home or business successfully?

The Problem With ‘Mold Removal’ Instead of Remediation

With over 1 ½ million types of mold in the world, only about 500 types of mold are dangerous to human beings. The problem is that without inspection and proper remediation, potentially dangerous molds can spread through the air. Thus, turn into an issue that’s even bigger down the road.

Companies who suggest they just remove mold may just be removing mold that’s seen to the eye. But, neglect to clean the air of mold spores, or leave the air or surfaces damp. Therefore, giving mold the chance to regrow. And, keeping home and business owners from being safe from these potentially toxic molds. If you’re serious about removing mold from your home safely and effectively, mold remediation services are what you need rather than simple mold removal.

What are Mold Remediation Services and How do They Differ from Mold Removal?

Mold remediation services aren’t just about removing the mold you see from a home or business. It’s about eliminating its existence entirely by the use of professional technologies and experts in the field. It’s a complete process that ensures that homes or businesses that are affected by mold are entirely cleared of the issue so that mold doesn’t regrow once the service is over.

Mold can be more than just where you see it, which is why mold remediation specialists will test for mold on unseen surfaces. This can include in your a/c ducts, behind wallpaper, within drywall, and more. This means that mold remediation can be a lengthy and even sizable project, depending on how much mold is found and where. Mold removal may only address mold you have already noticed as a home or business owner and not the mold that is hard to see or that you can’t see at all, making it so that mold is never truly removed completely.

What Goes on During Mold Remediation Services?

Mold remediation specialists utilize a number of different types of equipment to get the job done and completely remediate the mold issue at hand. This equipment may include:

  • tarps and tape to keep mold in specific areas of the building
  • hazmat suits, breathing apparatuses, goggles, and hard hats
  • air purifying equipment
  • drying equipment
  • cleaning solutions and chemicals
  • HEPA vacuum cleaners
The Process of Mold Remediation Step-by-Step

So, now that you know the importance of mold remediation versus choosing a company that just simply ‘removes mold’, you can better understand the process of remediation. The mold remediation process includes:

1. Inspection with professional tools to test the air and surface materials for mold spores
2. Sealing areas that are affected by mold with efficient barriers
3. Implementation of filter that eliminates mold spores in the air within the HVAC system
4. Cleaning surfaces which mold growing on with industrial cleaning agents which effectively destroy mold spores
5. Deodorization, sanitation, and clean up of affected areas
6. Drying to remove any humidity within the air or on surface areas to eliminate mold growth factors

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