Some of the Most Common Reasons for Mold in AC Ducts


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When most people think of running into mold in their homes or apartments, they may picture growth on the ceilings, floorboards, or on the walls. Typically, they don’t picture mold growing in AC ducts. However, since mold spreads by sending tiny, unseeable pores throughout the air, this is something homeowners should concern themselves about since this is one of the most common ways mold reaches the lungs. And, in turn, leads to the dangerous health effects that mold can offer. So, if you haven’t ever thought about mold in AC ducts and you think you might have smelled mold in your home but haven’t located it yet, this might be something you need to look into.

Why Mold Grows in AC Ducts

Before we can begin informing you of ways you can identify and remove mold in AC ducts, we’ll go over the reasons that it grows in air ducts first. Some causes of mold growth in air ducts can include:

Some of the Most Common Reasons for Mold in AC DuctsUnused Unit: Sometimes, when an AC unit isn’t used for very long, mold can start to form. This is due to the fact that air isn’t blowing through the unit, making it a more difficult space for mold to thrive. Furthermore, when you don’t leave your AC unit running, this allows moisture to settle. And, moisture is what’s needed for mold to grow, making it the environment it wants to find and thrive in.

Moisture: As mentioned above, mold requires moisture to grow and live. So, when AC units leak or hold moisture due to high humidity levels, there is a higher chance of mold developing inside AC ducts.

No Routine Maintenance: Ac units work best when they’re routinely maintained by professionals at least once a year. This helps to prevent mold growth. And, to identify it in its most early stages if it is present. This way, it doesn’t grow into an even bigger issue that you’ll have to tackle further down the road.

Dust: Certainly, your AC ducts will experience the build-up of dust – it’s just inevitable as dust particles float virtually everywhere in the air. But, if this dust isn’t routinely removed, it can stimulate the growth of mold.

What to do if You Think You Have Mold in Your AC Ducts

Do you smell mold in your home but can’t figure out where it’s living? It could be living in your AC ducts. Fortunately, there is a simple solution – mold removal from professionals like A Plus Mold Remediation Inc. Our company specializes in testing for, locating, remediating and preventing further growth of mold in HVAC systems. This way, you and your family can breathe freely. And, do so without having to worry about the extensive and dangerous effects mold has on health. So, if you think there is even a chance that you have mold in your AC ducts, you should definitely contact professionals for an estimate on removing this mold from your home.

Contacting the Professionals About Mold in AC Ducts

Think your AC unit may have mold? We can test your system so that we know what’s going on inside your AC ducts before doing any remediation. This way, we understand the extent of your home’s mold issues. And, can develop a plan of attack that gives your home the best chance of staying free and clear of all mold.

The Effects of Mold on the Structure of Your Home

To tell us more about your mold issues and get a quote for removing the mold in your AC system, contact us today to learn more!