Could Insects Be Telling You That You Have Indoor Mold?


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This may sound weird, but did you know that bugs can tell you if you have mold in your house? No, we don’t mean that insects can literally speak to you about this problem. As interesting as that may seem, we actually mean that the presence of certain bugs might actually indicate that you might need to call more than just pest control. Although you want to get rid of the insects, they actually might help you to find the real problem. Mold. See, certain bugs actually feed on mold and mildew. So, if you’re seeing these creatures in your home, you might have an indoor mold problem.

The Relationship Between Indoor Mold and Bugs

Could Insects Be Telling You That You Have Indoor Mold?So, what exactly is the connection between insect invasions and indoor mold? Good question! There are actually some insects which feed on mold. That’s right. Some bugs eat indoor mold. And, they could be in your home, feeding on mold you didn’t even know was there! Sounds gross, right? It definitely is enough to make your skin crawl. But, this information could possibly save your home from a massive mold and insect takeover! If you’re seeing an increase of insect population in your house, you might want to look into that. You could have indoor mold growth, even if you see no signs of it. Now, let’s take a quick look at a list of mold-eating insects and where you might find them getting a bite to eat:

Booklice: As the name indicates, you might find these little guys hanging out around your collection of books. Booklice also like to spend time in food items, perhaps the ones that are getting a little old. They eat other dead insects, cereals, and, of course, mold. These insects might also be found in your favorite rug or carpet. They’re usually pale in color.

Foreign grain beetle: These beetles can usually be found in the bathroom. Their color is a mixture of red and brown. They love to make a meal out of mildew and indoor mold.

Some other mold-eating insects might include sawtoothed grain beetles and square necked grain beetles. You may also hear the term “mold mites”. This refers to a group of insects that like to hang around mold-producing environments. As you might already know, indoor mold grows in places where there are moisture and humidity. It flourishes in these types of conditions.

The insects that feed on mold also flourish in the same kinds of atmospheres. So, if your home has excess moisture and plenty of humidity, you should act quickly. Not only will mold set in, but mildew-eating bugs will also find a place in your home if the conditions are right. And, with the help of these conditions, the mold and insects will be able to reproduce. That, of course, will cause an even bigger problem in your home. If you’ve seen an increase in specific kinds of bugs in your house, it might be time to look more deeply into the problem.

Do You Have Indoor Mold?

It’s not always easy to tell whether or not you have a mold growth problem. Sometimes, you need little hints. These could be literal little hints in the form of insects. But, you may also begin to deal with health issues because of the mold growing in your home. You certainly don’t want either of those scenarios to get out of hand. So, why not call in the professionals at A Plus Mold Remediation Inc.? We can come and help to eliminate the problematic indoor mold growth so that you and your family can be at ease. Just give us a call today!