How to Detect Mold in Walls and What to do About It


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Mold can grow practically anywhere in your home or business space. But, the places that you can’t see are where mold growth is hard to identify. Specifically, if mold is growing in between walls, on insulation, or within the drywall. Knowing how to detect mold in walls and the best way to remediate the issue is something only the experts can do. But, knowing more about this issue can help you be better prepared to address the situation if it does arise.

Why Does Mold So Often Grow in Walls?

Mold requires humidity to grow and thrive. The surfaces in between walls usually supply the perfect amount of moisture that mold needs to survive and flourish. Furthermore, mold likes to grow in places where there is no direct sunlight. So, walls are the perfect place mold can find to establish a living environment.

But, just because you may not see mold growing in walls or think if it’s “out of sight then it is out of mind”, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t an issue. Mold growing in walls can possess the same dangers that mold found anywhere else in your home or business can. So, if you ever spot mold growing in between walls, it’s vital to have it addressed by professionals so that mold doesn’t spawn in other areas of your home or business. And, reduces the chance that people that enter your home or building will get sick as a result of mold exposure.

How to Detect Mold in Walls and the Right Remediation Process for Removal

Do you think you may have mold growing in your walls? Whether you recognize the smell of mold or have seen it with your own eyes during a construction project, it’s best to remove yourself and all others from the area immediately. Then, contact a professional service to identify and remediate the issue, like A Plus Mold Remediation.

During the inspection process, mold remediation specialists use specialized equipment to test surface areas as well as the air in your home or business to detect mold spores. And, determine which type of mold you may have growing in your walls. This detection process can help in determining the correct and most effective method of remediation.

Mold remediation, when it comes to mold growing in walls, may require the use of a number of specialized equipment. This can include air purifying systems, plastic sheeting to secure a specific area where mold is growing, detoxification with chemical solutions, hazmat suits, and more.

The Dangers of Removing Mold in Walls by Yourself

It’s important to understand that mold removal isn’t just removing drywall you see that has mold or bleaching areas you’ve noticed mold is starting to grow. This is because mold spreads by sending tiny spores into the air which are unseeable to the naked eye. And, can result in further mold growth and destruction, plus dangers to anyone who comes into contact with it. Therefore, if you notice mold in between your walls, it’s necessary to contact the professionals who know how to specifically identify and treat the exact strain of mold you have in your home or business.

How to Detect Mold Growing in Walls With the Professionals

The Effects of Mold on the Structure of Your Home

Professional mold remediation specialists not only help to detect mold growing in walls, but they help to remediate the issue entirely. This means not having to worry about mold growing in the walls of your home or business once remediation is complete. Talk to A Plus Mold about your concerns about mold growth in your home or business today!