Buying a New Place? Get a Home Mold Inspection First!


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Imagine this. You and your kids go on a long road trip. It’s such a long trip that the kids have grown tired of asking the “Are we there yet” question. Now, you’re the one asking the GPS how much longer you have to drive. Finally, you arrive at the hotel. Everyone grabs their bags from the trunk and heads into the place you couldn’t wait to reach. The man at the front desk tells you which room is yours. The kids run straight to the hotel room but they find that someone is already sleeping in there. Soon, you all find that every single room is taken. You guys paid for a reservation but, despite your efforts, the place is full. The worst part about it? You can’t get your money back for the room. This could happen if you buy a house without getting a home mold inspection.

Why is a Home Mold Inspection Important?

Alright, so you’re in the market for a new house. You and your family have outgrown your current home. Or maybe your dad is moving in. Maybe you’re tired of your neighbor’s loud Friday night parties. Or maybe you want a new house just because. Regardless of the reason, you’re looking for a home that meets your needs. You’ve already figured out a budget and you’ve found what looks like the perfect home for your family. Your kids have claimed the rooms they want and have sworn to swim in the pool at least once every day. It seems like you guys are just about ready to move in. But, wait, not so fast! Before you move into this house, you should get a home mold inspection. Until you’re sure mold spores haven’t made a home out of that house, the kiddos should wait to jump into the pool.

See, when you’re buying a house, it’s absolutely important to make sure that everything is in order. Inspections are a very critical part of home buying. And a home mold inspection should be very close to the top of your priority list. Not only is mold a nuisance, but it’s also very unhealthy. It can cause illness to those who are exposed to it. So, buying a home with mold in it can be very dangerous and harmful. This is why it’s so important to first find out if there is any mold growing in the house you’re considering. Even if you can’t see or smell mold in the house, there could be some dangerously high levels of mold spores in the building. Whether you think so or not, there could be some problems with mold. If the problem isn’t taken care of, your family’s health could be at risk.

Getting Your Home Inspected for Mold

Remember the hotel that was full of people, even though you had reserved a room? Well, mold is kind of like those people in your family’s room. It doesn’t really care about your reservation and it will stay put unless something is done. If you get the house inspected right away, it could spare you the financial burden comes with getting extensive mold remediation work done. Again, just because the mold is not visible to you doesn’t mean it’s not present. The homeowners could have painted over the mold or they may not even know there is a mold problem in their home.

If, however, your current home has mold in it, we can help you here at A Plus Mold Remediation Inc.! We work to help people get rid of mold problems, making their homes safe once again. Need help taking care of a mold growth problem? Just give us a call today: (561) 247-3506.