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Hurricane Irma recently came through Florida. The storm brought the kind of winds and rains South Florida hadn’t seen in years. As a result of the flooding, many homes were damaged beyond repair. Other homes were impacted by water damage that left residents in need of a Florida mold remediation service.

Mold Growth After Flooding

Floods are the perfect bedding grounds for those fun little bacteria and mold growths. That stagnant water has nowhere to go. So, it sits right inside your home, under the floors, inside the walls. And, while the water sits, even if it’s just a small amount, mold can start growing. Moisture is the main ingredient for a perfect mold growth. If you’ve got a leak in the roof or flooding in an area of your home, there could be some mold spores spreading around.

I’ve Got Flood Damage! What Should I Do?

So, now you know you could possibly be housing some mold growths in your house. Now what? Well, first thing’s first. Don’t panic! But, you definitely need to act quickly. Try to get most of the moisture off the floors and other surfaces. For certain areas, like parts of the house where there are fuse boxes are located, you should seek the help of emergency workers. (Water and electricity aren’t a great mix!)

Next, start taking wet valuables and salvageable furniture out. If your couch, pillows, or wood furniture is wet, you should take it to a non-flooded, temperature controlled place. There, these items will be able to properly dry. The rooms in your home may not have the best air quality as mold spores could be present.

Baseboards should also be removed from the areas of the house that have been damaged. If you don’t take them off the walls, the area of the walls near the floor won’t dry completely. This can be very dangerous and increase the risk of mold growth on the walls.

After You’ve Done What You Can

You got as much of the water out as you could. Maybe you’ve even called in professionals with their equipment to get some of the moisture out of your home. Now, you think you were a little too late. It looks like mold has already started forming somewhere in your house. And, chances are that if you see mold growing in one spot of your home, it’s probably growing in other areas, too. Even if there are no visible signs of growth anywhere else, the spores traveling through the air will soon plant themselves in a new comfy and wet spot of your living space.

Okay. So, you’ve got mold. One thing you should never do is try to remove the mold from your home by yourself. You may be able to erase the visible mold, but you can’t see what could be growing behind the walls. Getting the nasty looking stuff off the surface is only a temporary. So, what should you do instead?

Removing Florida Mold

No one can remove South Florida mold growth like South Florida mold remediation services! A Plus Mold Remediation Inc. is a mold removal service that specializes in getting rid of mold for good. We service homes in lots of cities here in South Florida. Why not make your house the next one we help? We don’t just clean moldy areas. We completely eliminate the presence of mold in your home.

If Hurricane Irma or some other catastrophe has made your home into a bed and breakfast for mold spores, let us help! We’ll work quickly and thoroughly to make your house free those pesky intruders. Send us a message or give us a call today!