Here’s What You Need to Know About Mold Growth in the Fall


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Ah, fall! Everyone loves the changing colors of the leaves, the cooler weather. It’s the beginning of the holiday season. Everyone seems to get into a better mood and the days seem so much nicer. People begin looking for cozy, warm places to spend their time as they gather with friends and family. And, mold spores start doing the same thing. Well, not the part about gathering with friends and family. But, they do start looking for a nice, cozy, and warm place to kick back and relax. And those little mold spores just might choose your house during this fall season. So, it’s best to do everything you can in order to make sure they don’t get too comfortable! Not sure how to do that? Well, we’ll help you out with that in just a moment. But, first, let’s get some information about mold growth during this fall season.

All About the Mold in Autumn

As you know, fall brings with it a lot of changes. We see the signs of it all around us. It’s in the leaves. It’s in the air. Nature practically shouts at us to tell us that the season is shifting. But, with all of those changes come some problems. Allergies are not uncommon during this time of year. With the pollen and other things floating around in the air that we breathe, there’s no doubt that people who struggle with various allergies may have a hard time during the fall season. Mold allergies are no exception to the list of possible issues during this time of the year. And, in all honesty, the mold spores that are floating around don’t just affect those who often suffer from reactions to allergens in the air. The presence of mold spores during the fall is enough to impact anyone at all.

Basically, no one is safe. We can all be affected by the mold growth that’s going on around us. You’ve probably heard a lot about how mold growth tends to happen a lot in the summertime. That’s certainly true. But, fall is also a time when mold can be found in people’s homes. See, during this time of the year, the weather should be a lot cooler. And, in many states, there is snow on the ground right now. But, in warmer climates, the air is still generally warm and moist, causing these areas to be the perfect places for mold growth and the spreading of mold spores. And, if you live in a place where you’re still feeling some of that late summer weather, you’re not quite in the safe zone. Mold growth is still very much so possible.

Keeping Mold Growth Away From Your Family

As we said earlier, people who don’t usually feel the effects of seasonal allergies can still be impacted by mold growth. So, it’s important that you do whatever you can to prevent you and your family from feeling the negative effects of mold growth. To keep your family healthy while still enjoying your time inside your home, it’s important that you take the necessary steps in keeping mold from taking over your holiday season. How can you do that? Well, you can start by picking up the phone and calling us here at A Plus Mold Remediation Inc. We can help you find out if there’s a mold problem. If there is, in fact, problematic mold growth in your house, we can work to take care of the problem. Through our remediation methods, we can get your house back to its safe and normal state! Just call 561-247-3506 to learn more about us!