Want To Eliminate Mold Growth in Your Laundry Room?


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Mold, mold, mold. We hear about it all the time. It can be here and there and everywhere. Yes, everywhere. That includes your house. That includes your kitchen and your bathrooms. It also includes your bedroom and your living room. And, it can even mean your laundry room. Do you even think of that area of your house when it comes to mold growth? Well, if not, you definitely should! You may be wondering why. Fortunately for you, we’ve got the answer! Let’s talk about why your laundry room might be at risk for this harmful fungus. We’ll also discuss what you can do to eliminate mold growth in your home.

All About Mold Growth

As you might know, mold is a fungus that grows due to the right conditions. These conditions include the right temperature, the perfect amount of moisture, and a comfy resting place. Mold spreads through mold spores. They float through the air, in search of a place to settle and grow. Unfortunately, they often find a nice place to chill in people’s homes. Afterward, molds then begin to flourish and grow in their new environments. This then causes problems for those who live in the houses. Mold can cause health issues through irritations and allergic reactions.

Mold can grow and spread before you know it. Because this happens, it’s very difficult to get rid of it. As the growths spread, they can cause damage to more than just the surfaces in your home. They can even lead to structural damage and totally destroy your furniture or walls. But, it doesn’t have to get to that point. It’s important to work to eliminate mold growth possibility before it takes over a room in your home. Let’s find out how you can do that!

Keeping Mold Out of Your Laundry Room

You know that lent catching area of your dryer? That part is called a lint trap. It’s important to empty it as much as necessary in order to make sure that your laundry dries properly. Your wet laundry can really draw in the masses. That is, bring in the masses of mold and mildew. So, you can eliminate mold growth chances by keeping damp cloths outdoors or making sure they dry properly and quickly. Don’t allow them to stay wet for too long.

Another thing you can do to prevent and eliminate mold growth is by controlling the airflow in the laundry room. Try to keep the area cool. Work to lower the levels of warmth and humidity. You can do this by keeping the door open and making sure that air can properly circulate in the room. This will help to make sure the air isn’t too stagnant and mold won’t have much time to grow there. I will also decrease the risk of having too much moisture in the room since the airflow will allow the room to stay dry.

Eliminate Mold With A Plus Mold Remediation Inc.

So, what if you already have mold growing in your home? What if the little spores have already found their way to your laundry room? Not too worry! Here at A Plus Mold Remediation Inc., we work to eliminate mold from your home and office areas. As we talked about before, mold growths can cause physical harm to people who are around them. So, we do our part to keep you and your family safe from the problems mold can cause. If you think you may have mold growing in your laundry room or any other area of your home or business, it’s time to act! Call A Plus Mold Remediation Inc. today!