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Dealing With the Effects of Mold Exposure: Cold vs. Mold?


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A runny nose. Congestion. A headache. Itchy, watery eyes. Sinus issues. Any of these symptoms sound familiar to you? Chances are you’ve experienced one of two of them before. Maybe, you’ve felt all of them. Do any of them sound like symptoms of a head cold or common cold? Do you think of them as pretty common symptoms? If so, you’re not the only one who does. Because, the truth is, they are fairly common as a lot of people deal with things like headaches or sinus problems on a regular basis. When the weather changes, some people can expect to feel stuffy or congested. When allergy season ramps up, some of these symptoms might appear. Then, there are stress headaches. There are simple explanations or all of these symptoms, right? Well, yes and no. You see, the symptoms we just named could indeed by signs of a cold or something similar. But, it’s also possible that they are the effects of mold exposure.

The Effects of Mold Exposure

When a person is exposed to mold, he or she may show signs and symptoms that are pretty similar to those of a cold. That’s because a mold allergy can produce some of the same results as a common cold or other similar illness. Some of the common effects of mold exposure include runny noses, coughing, stuffy noses, itchy noses and throats, and watery or itchy eyes. Sounds basically like a head cold, right? Yes, it does. But, whenever you see these symptoms, you might want to think twice about simply treating them with a cough syrup or cold symptom pill. The person who’s experiencing these issues might actually be showing signs of the effects of mold exposure. So, it is best to find out why the individual is feeling those symptoms before you write it off as a common cold!

Common Cold or Exposure to Mold?

Okay, so you’re probably not interested in calling mold specialists every time you or a loved one starts coughing or dealing with post-nasal drip issues. In many cases, it is actually a common cold. But there are many cases in which a runny nose is an indication of something serious. You may not be able to tell whether it’s a cold or the effects of mold exposure just from the symptoms. However, if you notice the symptoms are persisting for a while, you may want to visit your doctor. It could mean that you are dealing with the effects of mold exposure. And, if that is the case, you definitely need professional help to fix the mold problem. Getting help in this area can prevent further health issues for you and others in your home.

As you seek medical attention in dealing with the effects of mold exposure, you should also get help from people who know how to handle the mold issue. Mold can’t be totally removed from your home because mold spores are literally everywhere. But you can certainly get the mold spore levels back under control with help from the pros. And, once the job is done, you can work to make sure your home is a safe and healthy environment for you and your family. It’s important to avoid creating the perfect conditions for mold growth so that you don’t have to worry about dealing with the effects of mold exposure in your home anymore.

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