5 Home Damages That can Occur Due to a Leaking Roof


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Roof leaks can bring about a number of damages to a home structure. Unfortunately, in most cases, once a homeowner realizes they have a leaking roof, the damage is already done. So, part of addressing a leaking roof is identifying how the leak is damaging specific aspects of the home so they can be addressed. In this article, we determine specific reasons why your roof may be leaking. And, five different types of home damages that can come about from a leaking roof. This way, you’ll be more prepared to address your leaking roof and understand what has to be done to reverse the damage.

Causes of a Leaking Roof

5 Home Damages That can Occur Due to a Leaking RoofIf your roof is leaking, there’s a cause. And, identifying the cause is a major part of fixing the issue. Once you’ve identified the cause of a leaking roof, you can go about making the needed fixes so that the roof no longer leaks. Then, you can go about fixing the damage caused by your leaking roof. Some of the main causes of a leaking roof include:

Age: It might seem obvious, but the older a roof is, the more likely that it will experience a leak. A lot happens to a roof over time as it lives through all of the elements and wear and tear. So, with time, the likeliness of a leak happening for whatever reason increases.

Holes: Roofing can suffer holes from major storms and pests that enter the attic through the roof. In many cases, holes can go unnoticed as they may be very small. Or, unseeable from the ground.

Sealing: Without proper sealing, the architecture of your roofing can make it more susceptible to leaks. Roofs should be installed with a leak protective barrier, but those that aren’t are more prone to sealant-involved leaks.

Clogged Gutters: When gutters on a house get too clogged, it can lead to roof leaks. When gutters can’t do their job, built up water from storms can end up seeping to your roof. And, when this happens, can leak into the interior of the roof.

Damages a This Issue can Cause to a Home

Now that you’re aware of some of the most common causes of a leaking roof, you can fix the cause. And, address the damage that’s done. Some of the damages that may surface as a result of a leaking roof include:

  1. Sub Roofing Damage: The sub roofing of your home is the wood surface that your roofing material is adhered to. However, it’s not waterproof. And, over time, when water sits on it, will begin to warp and become damaged. Thus, needing to be repaired and/or replaced wherever a leak occurs.
  2. Structural Damage: When water leaks from the roof into the attic of a home, rafters and joists are at risk for water damage. And, when this happens, the whole structural integrity of the house may be at risk.
  3. Ceiling and Wall Damage: When water drips down from the rafters of the home, it can rest on the ceiling and even run down the walls. Thus, making very expensive damages to the surfaces of your house and requiring complete removal and replacement of drywall.
  4. Electrical Damage: Wiring is never waterproof. So, when electrical wiring is touched by water sent down from a leak, your electricity is at risk. And, electrical problems are almost never an easy or inexpensive fix.
  5. Toxic Mold Growth: With any water damage, you run the risk of mold growth. Any kind of moisture present in your home can lead to a breeding ground for mold, as mold requires water to grow. And, mold can lead to a number of damaging health effects, which is definitely worse than dealing with home damage.

Addressing Toxic Mold Growth as a Result of a Leaking Roof

If you think you may have a leaking roof, check for the damages listed above to your home. And, if you’ve come across mold, you’ll need to address the issue right away. If you’re just noticing the issue, your family could already be experiencing the health damages mold can have on the body.

The Effects of Mold on the Structure of Your Home

If you have mold as a result of a leaking roof, there is help available. Here at A Plus Mold Remediation Inc., we remediate mold from homes that arise as a result of a number of issues, including a leaking roof. To learn more about the mold remediation process and get a quote for your mold remediation, contact us today.