What to Know About Buying a House in Florida You Know Has Mold


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Are you looking to buy a new home in South Florida? Buying a house in Florida is a great opportunity to live in a tropical paradise that is growing rapidly. So, houses in this area are just continuously appreciating in value, which makes them a great investment. But, because Florida is hot year-round and has a tropical climate, homes are regularly exposed to humidity, rain, and moisture, making them a breeding ground for many types of mold. Therefore, many people looking to buy a house in Florida have to accept the fact that the dream home they want to purchase may already have mold.

So, what should potential Florida home buyers know about buying a home that’s already infected with mold?

Mold Doesn’t Have to be a Deal Breaker When it Comes to Buying a House in Florida

Many home buyers may think that the presence of mold growing in a potential home purchase is a deal-breaker. But, it doesn’t have to be! If you fall in love with a home on the market and recognize the presence of mold or even water damage, you can actually use this to your advantage during the home buying process. For example, you can address the presence of mold or water damage during the home buying process to get a better deal on the house. Or, even have the seller pay for the expenses of mold remediation. So, if you do recognize these issues with a house you’re seriously considering purchasing, don’t be afraid to bring up these issues before purchasing so you can get a better deal or have the issue addressed before you sign any contracts.

Inspect the House Before Negotiations to Find Out What the Damage Is

If you are interested in buying a house in Florida and think there may be mold growing inside the house, the best thing you can do is to have the home inspected. The inspection process is always important in the process of buying a house to determine if there are any issues that may cost you money down the road. And, to have the seller address these issues or lower the price of the house in order for you to be able to finance fixing these issues. During the inspection process, you can have a mold inspection done to find out what type of mold is present. Knowing the specific type of mold that’s present in the home can help you better understand what type of remediation must be done.

Some of the most common types of mold that can be found during a home inspection include:

Black Mold: This is the toxic mold that can get people sick or make people who are more susceptible to sickness develop even more health issues. It is black in appearance and typically grows in dark, moist areas as the result of leaking pipes or water damage. So, it can be found growing in between drywall, under carpets, in bathrooms, and around window sills.

Cladosporium: This type of mold isn’t toxic, so it doesn’t lead to people getting seriously ill. However, it can still cause some health issues that are irritating like itchy skin, eyes, and throats. Specifically, for people who already have allergies to mold. This type of mold appears as a mold or green color and grows in areas such as bathrooms and behind surfaces.

Aspergillus: This is the type of mold that’s most commonly found in air conditioning systems, so it spreads through the air. It’s not toxic, but just like Cladosporium, can lead to health issues in people who have mold allergies.

What to do if Your Home Inspection Finds Mold

After the initial home inspection, you’ll be aware if there is mold growing in the home you’re considering purchasing. And, will be given options for remediation. This is when you can determine whether or not dealing with the mold or the seller is worth buying the home or not. If you want to continue with the home purchase, you’ll need to work with the seller to determine why mold is growing and who will be responsible for fixing the problem. If the seller wants to fix the issue, you may want another inspection once remediation is done. But, if you’re responsible for fixing the issue, make sure the price of the remediation is taken off the sell price of the home.

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