Getting an Air Purifier for Mold – Good Idea or Not?


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For many home or business owners, mold can be a problem that can lead to a range of issues. These issues can include health issues like respiratory complications, allergic reactions, and pneumonia. And, structural damage to the structure of the building can lead to collapses and irreparable foundational destruction. So, it’s important to get on top of mold when it’s identified as an issue that’s growing in a home or business space. And, since mold grows by sending minuscule spores into the air, many believe that an air purifier for mold is the answer for resolve. But, is it worth buying an air purifier to address your mold problem?

What is Mold and How Does it Spread?

Mold is a fungus that decomposes organisms for food. It reproduces by releasing minuscule spores into the air so they can land on surfaces to decompose and grow. Because it doesn’t need sunlight to grow, it’s often found in dark areas, which means it can be found under flooring, within walls, and even within appliances. Furthermore, mold needs water to survive. So, along with dark places, mold likes to grow in places with high moisture concentrations. Therefore, when it comes to identifying where mold is growing, searching for where water or moisture may be coming from is an essential part of the process.

Do Air Purifiers for Mold Work to Remove Mold?

Many people use air purifiers to clean air of particles that can be breathed in and lead to health effects. This can include the tiny mold spores that spread throughout the air. Essentially, air purification technology works by taking in the air by suction, sending the air through filters to trap any particles, and sending the clean air back into the space with the use of fans.

So, yes, an air purifier for mold can eliminate mold spores that spread throughout the air, potentially being a hazard to breathe in and lead to health issues. However, if you’re serious about purchasing your own air purifier to rid the air in your home or business from mold spores, there are some things to consider.

Firstly, some air purification systems aren’t built specifically for mold spores. The ones that do use HEPA filters to trap and contain mold spores. HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters contain multiple layers in order to trap and hold air particles that are even smaller than most, including mold spores. Secondly, the size of an air purifier is important when determining which is best for mold spore removal within the air. This is because the size of the purifier is crucial in determining the size of the area that needs to be purified. So, larger purifiers are needed for bigger areas. And, if you choose a smaller system for a large room, you are not guaranteed to have all the mold spores removed from the air.

The Problem With Getting Your Own Air Purifier

While air purifiers do work to remove mold spores from the air when used correctly and with the right modifications and filtration, it may not be worth it to purchase one yourself. This is because air purification systems don’t identify why mold is growing or where it’s coming from. So, even though you may be removing the mold from the air, you’re not removing the mold from the room it’s growing in. Basically, you’re stopping it from spreading and from breathing it in with an air purifier, but you’re not treating the overall problem. This means that mold will just continue being an issue that you’ll have to battle, even after purchasing one of these machines.

Professionals Use Air Purifiers and Remove Mold

If you’re going to invest your money into addressing a mold problem, the best thing to do is to consider the experts. Mold removal specialists do use air purification systems to eliminate mold from the air in order to make the affected area safe to breathe and live in. But, they also work to identify where mold is growing, what type of mold is growing, and ensure that mold doesn’t regrow to lead to a mold issue in the future. This not only eliminates the health issues that mold brings but also prevents the mold that’s growing from leading to structural damage of buildings. Thus, helping to reduce the chance that you’ll have to shovel out costs in fixing these issues down the road.

The Effects of Mold on the Structure of Your Home

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