5 Mold Facts Every Homeowner Should Know


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There are many false conceptions people have about mold. Unfortunately, when these conceptions are believed, many may not go to the lengths needed to protect themselves and their family from the dangers of mold. So, knowing your mold facts can immensely help if ever you’re in a situation in which you find mold in your home. Check out these ten mold facts so that you can better protect yourself, your home, and your family from this hazardous fungus.

1. Attempting to Remove Mold with Bleach Doesn’t Work

5 Mold Facts Every Homeowner Should KnowMany people may see mold and assume that a few sprays of bleach and a good rubdown completes the job. Well, we hate to tell you, but that’s not the case. According to leading mold experts, bleach doesn’t do enough to permanently remove mold spores. Unfortunately, when you see mold in your home, the likelihood of mold being present in other areas is high. So, even if you remove some mold with bleach and scrubbing, mold spores could still be present. Thus, leading to the continuous growth of mold in your home.

2. Mold is a Fungus

Mold is a fungus whose purpose is to break down organic matter. Certainly, this has a place in the natural world to help the earth replenish and rebuild by continuing the circle of life. However, when this fungus enters your home, it does the same thing; it destroys. Plus, puts your family at risk for developing a number of health issues.

3. Mold in the Home can Lead to Sickness

As stated above, when mold is growing inside a structure that humans live in, they may be susceptible to a number of health concerns. When mold is present, it can lead to health effects like asthma, allergic reactions, breathing issues, pneumonia, and flu-like symptoms. Many times, people don’t know why they’re sick until they have a mold test done in their home. If you’re serious about your health and the health of your family, if you see mold growing in your home, you need to address the issue immediately. Or, if your family is getting sick but there is no known reason, it may be time to have a mold test conducted.

4. Mold Grows as a Result of Moisture

Mold, as it is a fungus, is a living and growing thing. So, it needs water to thrive. This means that in order to have mold growing in your home, you have to have moisture. As a result, it’s imperative to find and address this moisture in your home environment to stop the spread of mold growth. In many cases, a fire can lead to mold growth, as water is used to extinguish a fire. Other reasons for moisture may be a pipe leak, appliance leak, or an HVAC system leak. Before contacting a mold removal specialist, be prepared to look for the cause of moisture in your home and addressing this issue as it’s imperative to keeping mold growth from reappearing.

5. Mold Likes Warm Air

Warmer air holds more moisture, or humidity, than cooler air. So, it’s more likely that you’ll find mold growing in your home during the spring and summer months. Essentially, when humid air meets a cooler temperature, like your windowpane, it condenses into water. This is otherwise known as condensation. Finding where condensation occurs in your home and the likely build-up of water due to condensation is crucial to identifying why mold may be growing in your home.

Hire the Professionals to Remove Mold in Your Home

If you have learned anything from these mold facts, it should be that you may not know as much about mold as you thought. And, that rather than attempting to find the reason for mold growth and removing it yourself, it’s a better idea to hear from the professionals.

The Effects of Mold on the Structure of Your Home

Here at A Plus Mold Remediation Inc., we offer expert mold testing, remediation, and even HVAC cleaning to keep your home clean and free from the effects of mold. If you’re ready to take advantage of what you’ve learned from these mold facts and get the help you need to remove mold from your home, contact us today for a quote!